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Tales of Xadia

RPG Review

Use the Cortex system to play in the lands of the Dragon Prince TV show.

11 Oct 2023

Pathfinder 2e

RPG Review

A great heroic fantasy game, with strong structures for challenging players inside tactical combat.

23 Sep 2023

Cypher System

RPG Review

A generic system for playing heroic games in many genres. Descended from Numenera.

15 Aug 2023

Blades in the Dark

RPG Review

Heists in a shadowy fantasy city, with factions and steampunk flavours.

01 Mar 2023

Forbidden Lands - Path of Curses


A new spell list to allow witches and shamans to do fun and cruel things in your Forbidden Lands.

29 Dec 2022

Whitehack 3e

RPG Review

A versatile OSR system that allows great freedom and fun character concepts.

15 Jul 2022

13th Age

RPG Review

A heroic RPG born of D&D4e, which innovates in several clever ways.

03 Feb 2022

The One Ring 2e

RPG Review

A loving adaptation of Lord of the Rings.

28 Nov 2021

Mork Borg

RPG Review

Metal fantasy in a pre-apocalyptic world.

15 Sep 2021

Worlds Without Number

RPG Review

This science fantasy game has all the tools for creating your own worlds.

04 Aug 2021

Yoon Suin

Adventure Review

A region of high adventure shrouded in ancient mysteries, opium smoke, luxury and opulent cruelty.

21 Jul 2021


RPG Review

A system for effective Solo or GM-less play in the land of vikings and fey.

23 Jun 2021

Trilemma Adventures Volume 1

Adventure Review

A collection of 55 fantasy adventures, sites and settlements

09 Jun 2021

Legend of the Five Rings 5e

RPG Review

The premier Fantasy Japan game.

02 Jun 2021

Shadow of the Demon Lord

RPG Review

A fantastic game that I have happily played for dozens of campaigns, and will gleefully play again.

28 Apr 2021

Forbidden Lands

RPG Review

Sword and sorcery ruleset with a good survival game loop and some base-building mechanics.

18 Apr 2021

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