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Blade Runner

RPG Review

Cops in a rich but morally dystopian world.

07 Mar 2023

Blades in the Dark

RPG Review

Heists in a shadowy fantasy city, with factions and steampunk flavours.

01 Mar 2023

Forbidden Lands - Path of Curses


A new spell list to allow witches and shamans to do fun and cruel things in your Forbidden Lands.

29 Dec 2022

City of Mist

RPG Review

Urban fantasy with PbtA.

09 Dec 2022

Whitehack 3e

RPG Review

A versatile OSR system that allows great freedom and fun character concepts.

15 Jul 2022

Broken Compass

RPG Review

Cinematic action that is simple and fast.

28 Jun 2022

Dice Roll Macro in Google Sheets


How to set up a shared Google Sheet doc for online gaming.

22 Mar 2022

What Is This?

I play a lot of RPGs, two to three times per week. I tend to cycle between three genres on loop; Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Urban Fantasy. I intend for a campaign to run for about 20 sessions, which works out to around 6 months. I started this site so I can record my experiences with different game systems, noting things I liked and didn't.

I know that tastes vary greatly, and you might have a different experience with a game. Honestly, anyone's opinion of a game depends only partly on the game system itself, and other factors like the chemistry of players in a group also matter. It is definitely not my intention to crap over a new game designer's prize creation, so please read my comments with a pinch of salt. All RPGs are somebody's passion project. I am not an influencer or an expert, just one GM recording my impressions.

My tastes tend to favour a traditional-style RPG with medium crunch. I'll try a strong narrative game, or a rules-lite game. They tend to be well suited for one-shots or short arcs, and are a fun diversion. They often include very clever mechanics which I can adapt for other games.

I will only post a review about a game I have actually put a lot of hours into, not merely read. So my reviews will often only be posted months after a game is released. I won't give a score, because rankings are not helpful.

I hope you find them amusing or useful.

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