Liminal Joburg

Posted 07 Aug 2021 to Urban Fantasy

I made a setting for Liminal. Modern day Johannesburg, an alternative to Euro-fantasy.

Here is my 30-page setting doc.

I worked on this as a little side project for myself. I just did it for fun.

I am aware that some of the charm and popularity of Liminal is because of its Britishness. It's fun to play in Leeds or York, and to engage in stories about fey and werewolves. I wanted to try portray an entirely different modern urban fantasy environment, without European fantasy elements like fey, vampires and werewolves. Instead we have ancestors, spirits and uMuthi.

Now 30 pages is a hell of a lot to expect players to read. I know that. For a player, it is only relevant to read pages 3-8, which describes what I am attempting to achieve here. The rest of the document is aimed at GMs, and describes the factions, some sample spirits and monsters, and tables for randomly generating stuff.

I'm not an artist, but I tried my hand at a bit of drawing. I found photographs and traced them and combined them sometimes. Crude, but workable, I think. And I kinda like them.



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